Journalism with Game Enhanced Learning: For the United Nations General Assembly (2011)

Recap from 2011

Every simulation has someone to stir the things up. Sometimes those are delegations, sometimes those are the people conveying the messages of delegations – the journalist. I had the chance to be one-third of the team, which played a special role in the English run simulation of the UN GA, directed by the prof. Dr. Zlatko Šabič at University of Ljubljana. Game Enhanced Learning as part of the curriculum, here we come!

My role had three hats:

  • To publish articles based on the analysis of the background of the countries (investigative journalism or market research), as background information for the delegates;
  • To play the “devils advocate”, when conducting interviews with the delegates;
  • To inform the delegations on the current state of affairs, stances, and changes in political bargaining.

Every serious journal has to have a digital platform for sharing the information with the audience. Prof. Šabič knew that already in 2011. For that reason I managed the WordPress platform, and took on some creative writing when it came to creating journalistic alias of our UN Ultimate team.

Preparation of the material and editorial work.

Our Journalistic team – creative CVs. 



Analysis, Reportages, Interviews and Commentaries

Analysis for Reportages, Interviews and Commentaries. P.S. Hint: If I would be you, I woud download the picture, to be able to read the text. 



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