Economic Sociology

Comparative analysis of organisational environment 

Management of Family Business – Case study: Family Quandt (in Slovenian language)

Author: Mihaela Rozman

Author: Mihaela Rozman


Economy and Society – gendered public policies

Seminar paper: Financial crisis and its effects on the gendered public policies. Case study: Austria and Croatia (in Slovenian language)

Work, Organizations and Gender 

Seminar paper: Political culture and women. Case study: Poland and Slovenia (in English language)

case studygender

International Management and Globalization

Seminar paper: Strategies of the Automobile sector in the Time of Global Crisis: Case study Toyota (in Slovenian language)

  • internal crisis and risk management

Human Resources Management

Seminar paper: Management of Flexibility of labour force. Case study: Revoz d.d. (Renault Group) (in English language)



Social architecture of the working place and possibilities for its optimization 

Essay: High-involvement work systems – Mentor: Prof. Jonathan Winterton

Link to (in English language)