Network & Communication

How to tell a story?

Knowledge economy for socio-economic development needs outreach builders

Erasmus Mundus joint master in Research and Innovation in Higher education – MARIHE


  • Dissemination
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Alumni network

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Annual Academic Conference of European Higher Education Society (EAIR)



Follow the presentation created with Canva

Journalism with Game Enhanced Learning for MDG’s United Nations (2011)

  • Course: International Organizations; Director: Prof. Dr. Zlatko Šabič, University of Ljubljana

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  • Academic conferences
  • Knowledge fairs
  • Membership organization meetings
  • Erasmus+ Project meetings and multilateral exchange (Youth In Action)

37th EAIR Annual Forum Krems (2015)


Student Organization of University of Ljubljana

Nominee Director of the management board of a branch of Student organization University of Ljubljana & President of the working body for Student Affairs and International Cooperation (2010-11)

IAPSS (International Association for Political Science Students)

ACGA (academic conference and general assembly) of IAPSS (International Association for Political Science Students) (Polituss – Student Association (2008-2009))

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Coordinating institution for Youth in Action multilateral exchange – Diversity and Integration: Mission(Im)possible? (2008, Polituss)

Interested in an example?

Stories are the life in words.


Social Media Marketing & Fairs (2013-14)


Freelance PR and Community Manager


Training – Mentorship Blaž Branc / Baltazar marketing (2013)



Reportage for the newspaper of the Faculty of Social Sciences “Lev” from the yearly marketing conference Fanfara (The biggest student marketing conference in Slovenia)


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