Transfer of analytical skills to capture the added value of the project within the:

  • Funding rules of the call
  • Achieving the sustainability with active private partnership and/or civil community engagement
  • Co-funding principle with transparent and accountable budgeting and controlling
  • Dissemination of activities and results, with innovative and mixed communication channels.
  • Awareness raising as one of the basic premises for private partnership acquisition and sustainability prospects of the project, beyond the EC funding period.



Danube University Krems as coordinating institution

Successful project proposal for Erasmus+ K2 structural projects: Learning and Teaching Tools Fuelling University Relations with the Economy in Mozambique and South Africa – LaTFURE (2016-2019). (2016)

Contributing to drafting with:

  • EU regional development priorities, and agreements; Working packages and their operational validity; Independent coherent budget preparation based on consultation with partners on their activities in the work packages.
  • Technical management for coordinating institution, following the funding rules of the call and communication with the internal and external bodies, and partners.
  • Coordination and communication with the project partners, leading to aquisition of associate partners, such as Kruger National Park, SASCE.

Preparation of briefs on:

  • Dual study programmes, their implementation, research on their structural and operational excellence.
  • National and regional bodies and associations invested in developing socio-economic capabilities through education.

Administrative lead on submission for internal and external stakeholders.



Danube University Krems as partner institution

Effective Human Resources management (HRM) of higher education institutions (HEIs) for greater competition and greater international recognition of higher education (Cordinator is Croatian national agency) (2016)

Contact point for the coordinating institution

Contributing to project proposal in the field of:

EU policies, and surveys on Occupational healths and safe working conditions for staff in education sector. The data shows lack in strategic planning of Human Resource Management in the knowledge sector, is interwind with employee development and training and has consequences for employee – employer relations. All together is the part of HR audits coherent with national legislation in partner countries: Croatia, Austria, Finland.



Polituss – Student association of political science students as coordinating institution

Youth in Action (now Erasmus+) multilateral youth exchange: Diversity and Integration: Mission(Im)possible? (2008)

  • Contributing to the project proposal
  • Contact point between the national agency and project partners
  • Organization of activities, logistics

Take a look with the link to the example.




Erasmus+ structural project: Institutional framework for development of the third mission of universities in Serbia – IF4TM (2015-2016)

  • Contact point at DUK for the coordinating institution.
  • Organization of study visit to Austria, with lecturers on: third mission, transfer of knowledge, intelectual property, DUK’s research and innovation profile.
  • Interested in Visit of the Serbian partners to the Danube University Krems? Visit the official recap with agenda, presenters, gallery here









Photo Credit: U.California.

Institutional research in higher education career development for academic and administrative staff.



01.03.2015 – 31.09.2016

International academic conference and general assembly of EAIR – European Higher Education Society (Annual 37th Forum EAIR), which took place at Danube University Krems (DUK) between 30.8. and 2.9.2015.

Interested in the recap of the conference? The story created with Canva

Strategy and implementation of social media strategy (FB and Twitter). Content and management of the media, which raised the visibility among the target audience on Facebook for 130% compared to the previous year. Interlinking the content for EAIR Conference with DUK and MARIHE scope of activities and goals, publishing houses and regional academies for training and education.

Assisting the conference coordinator Roland Humer in planning and implementation of organizational and programe activities, coordination of voluteers (16), delegation of work and documentation. Please visit his profile on DUK’s page.



ACGA (academic conference and general assembly) of International Association for Political Science Students – IAPSS

Link to the story of the conference is available.


Strategic planning and operational management

01 November 2010 – 17 October 2011

  • Nominee executive director
  • Student representative
  • President of the working body

Acting as Nominee executive director of an independed SOULJ board at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS), consisted of 9 members, in the fields:
▪Strategic and operational management of the boards’ finances.
▪Strategic, and financial coordination of 13 student associations and their projects, in all the fields of the FSS courses.
▪Preparation of successful project proposals for national calls.

  • Developed mechanism for accountable financial operations for Board’s Call for project proposals.

President of the working body for Student Affairs and International Cooperation.
▪Part time.

Follow the link


10 January 2008 – 29 May 2009
Member of the management board and coworker in divisions for Organisation and Communications 

  • Independent liaison activities, research and expansion of the international network of partners.
  • Collaboration in organization of national events (up to 30 participants).
  • Collaboration in organization of annual international academic conference of International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) (120 participants).

2009 – ACGA (academic conference and general assembly) of IAPSS

Link to the example.

2008 – Youth in Action multilateral exchange – Diversity and Integration: Mission(Im)possible?

Link to the example.


RESEARCH (in development)

01 October 2013 – Present
Master of Sociology – Management of Organisations, Human resources and Knowledge (1 year)

MA Thesis: Interventions for prevention of occupational psychosocial damage – Study of psychosocial risk evaluation in EU

Psychosocial risk management is a challenge for organizations across European Union. Occupational stress and burnout represent psychosocial damage not only for individual, but also for the organizations and for management of costs inflicted to social systems of national member states. It is argued, that the damage can be diminished and prevented with systematic management of psychosocial risks, derived from work characteristics and organizational contexts (Chambel et al 2013, Saksvik et al 2015). We demonstrate the importance of fundamental principles of management, lying on division of work, and propose actions based on complementary theory of high involvement working systems (Tomer 2001, Konrad 2006, Boxall and Macky 2009).
Key words: psychosocial risk, EU, management, evaluation, intervention, higher education

Follow the link – Courses and seminar papers – research 

Interested in the framework?  Review the PPT in English language


05 March 2012 – 04 June 2012
Internship at Permanent Representation of the Republic of Slovenia to the UN, OSCE and other International Organisations in Vienna

Research, Drafting, Formulation


08 August 2007 – 11 October 2012
Bachelor of International Relations (4-years)

Follow the link – Completed Courses

Obligations of the IGOs

Example North South Relations

Example Psychology of Consumer

Example Research on the issue of minorities and the legally binding documents – simulation of the UN and the role of a reporter.

Humanitarian law


01 November 2010 – 17 October 2011
President of the management board SOFSS, Student representative at the student assembly SOULJ, President of the working body for student issues and international cooperation

Analysis of finacial operations and project management of the student government of the Student Organisation University of Ljubljana

Analysis of financial and project management of the ministries for Student issues and International Cooperation within the executive bodies of the Student Organisation University of Ljubljana

Analysis and reporting on the Slovenian legislative framework concerning the interest group – the youth


01 September 2009 – 02 September 2010
ERASMUS Exchange
Philipps-Universität Marburg

Completed Courses

German use of force

Example Oil and Caspians


05 March 2008 – 09 March 2008
SiMUN-Slovenia International Model United Nations


Research and drafting – See Communication 


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